It is time to stop quivering in our boots in pointless fear of the future and just roll up our sleeves and build it.
- Ray Pierrehumbert

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Harvest on Twitter Today!

The most time-consuming find is this one: Montreal bagels! I have no choice but to try recipe and report. Cursed internet! via

  • @johndcook Radiohead/Brubek mashup:
  • RT @thegreengrok Obama has relaunched a Bush climate initiative by convening 17 biggest economies for a meeting
  • RT @AlexSteffen "Climate deniers spin geoengineering as answer" article . Fine article at .
  • @abhishektiwari Liked "Scientific Blogging: Ignore It and Be Ignored?"
  • @TEDchris Today's fascinating #TED talk on brain plasticity is gaining ground at digg. Will you help?
  • @timoreilly Excellent: Google book search settlement deadline extended to Sept 4.
  • @abhishektiwari Liked "Check out this great post about science blogging by Jean-Claude Bradley "Is it becoming dangerous NOT to..."
  • @LizNeeley Now I love fish (species, not food) but this NYT article on fishless lakes is very cool. RT @conservationmag -
  • @ianbicking RT @mudstuffing Huge Mexican Clay Stamps made from tires.... (via @potteryblog)
  • @grist How this little piggy got the flu? RT @tomphilpott: My update on possible Smithfield/swine flu link: #swineflu
  • @LizNeeley Great essay on Two Cultures: need to align science/gov/literary intellectual camps. RT @2020science via @sciandthecity -
  • @radar Ignite Seattle (and elsewhere) Tomorrow, 4/29
  • @timoreilly The Economist makes sense on why electric bikes may be better than electric cars. (via Saul Griffith in email)
Too much! This is what I call wealth, and yet nobody will even let me pay for it.

Anyway, do follow me on Twitter...

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Somnolent Aphid said...

Damn you and your twitter harvest. I have work to do. Places to be. People to meet. I can't spend time listening to great mashups or reading about science. Next time I'll have to report you to Glenn Beck.