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-Jonas Salk

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

See? It's the Gold, I Tell you!

The Canberra Times reports:
A group of CSIRO senior climate scientists has defied a gag order by the organisation to speak out on Australia's proposed greenhouse reduction targets.


They claim tougher targets are needed to avoid Australia being ''locked in'' to dangerous climate change, and list 14 recent scientific findings that support their argument.


the scientists made their decision to go ahead with personal submissions after CSIRO management ruled out any participation in the inquiry by Australia's peak science body on the grounds that it would require comment on government policy.

A CSIRO spokesman said the inquiry's terms of reference, ''went to the policy of the Government's carbon pollution reduction scheme, and in line with our public comment policy, we don't comment on government policy''.

The scientists had been told to, ''make it absolutely clear'' they were not speaking on behalf of CSIRO. If asked to testify, they will be required to take formal leave and travel at their own expense.

If that isn't greed, I don't know what it is.

OK, maybe the kangaroo was too easy, but I like it. From Wikipedia and released under GFDL by пан Бостон-Київський .


Marion Delgado said...

The kind of clean diesel I advocate will make gold worth more.

And gold-mining is very anti-environmental.

So it is all about the gold.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure CSIRO has been involved in some heavy over-cooperation with the government on biotech in Australia too. Trying to quash public dissent, and scientific dissent on that issue as well. It's always about money. Biotech is one of the last economic frontiers, essentially making money in labs, often adding no value or even making things worse. It's potentially as big a problem as climate change for us and the environment and virtually impossible to regulate and monitor, a quiet threat. There's been a lot of hype about how it'll "feed the hungry" and also help us with climate change and environmental degradation, but it's mostly hype, and the downsides are as big or bigger.

Anyway, sort of off topic, but wanted to say CSIRO doesn't seem to be.."scientifically neutral" on other issues as well.