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- Buckminster Fuller (h/t Suzy Waldman)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Delusionist Arguments Ranked

A fellow named John Cook got in touch asking for inbound links.

He's been working very hard at producing a well-designed and informative "global warming" information site focusing on the ill-founded contrarian arguments out there.

I found this page in particular to contain original and interesting research. It must be a bother to maintain it, but it could be a useful tracking index.

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inel said...

There's an earlier document by the Royal Society here that still may be worth John knowing about (in addition to the climate change controversies he already has noted).

Also, there are several sites that list and counter arguments found in TGGWS, such as this document by Sir John Houghton.

I think it is a good idea to index these resources.

Would he consider including YouTube clips in his index? I tend to collect them, as I know kids are more likely to watch a video online than read a document.