"It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting our high technology from WEAPONRY to LIVINGRY."
- Buckminster Fuller (h/t Suzy Waldman)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Three Scary Postings

Well, I managed to find some good news a few days ago, but it's getting swamped.

Will the long-term sensitivity of the system be twice what we expect? Joe Romm reports that Hansen thinks so.

Eli has some disturbing feedback from overseas.

And Tamino paints a picture of what just happened that might please Dr Tufte, but is more than a little bit sobering.

PS - Not actually stolen from Atmoz's "what I'm reading" list, but might as well have been.

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