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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cat 5 hits Bangladesh

This looks awfully serious. Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum at Intersection are following the story closely.

Update: Sheril vouches for the person who vouches for the following. I'll vouch for Sheril. Let's call it a network of trust.

...here are some links to donations that will reach the devastated areas immeadiately:

Islamic relief: (They are good, and I personally recommend them)

Bangladesh Red Crescent:

The Hunger Project Bangladesh (I've worked for them in the past)

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Anonymous said...

I was just watching the disastrous situation in Bangladesh on BBC 10 o'clock News. By coincidence, the BBC Asian Network planned a day of programming about Bangladesh for today, in advance of Saturday's IPCC Synthesis Report release. David Shukman (BBC Environment Correspondent) has covered IPCC conference in Valencia and IPCC impacts for Bangladesh concurrently very well.

This is a brief version of the BBC TV/video news we have watched over here:

** Asian cyclone kills 600 people **
A powerful cyclone with 150mph winds has battered southern Bangladesh and killed at least 600 people.

For that region of the world, BBC News South Asia is usually the first place to check for details on disasters and emergencies.

ReliefWeb and UNICEF and UN OCHA are good sources for official responses and organised disaster relief.

I am not surprised to hear the US media are behind the curve—they are useless at out-of-country reporting, especially of emergencies.