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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Long Thaw: The 100 K Year Tail of AGW

Via a friend at U of Chicago:
I am pleased to announce that David Archer has been chosen the receive
the 2009 Walter P. Kistler Book Award. This honor, given by the
Foundation for the Future, "recognizes authors of science-based books
that make important contributions to the public’s understanding of the
factors that may impact the long-term future of humanity." David's
book, /The Long Thaw: //How Humans Are Changing the Next 100,000 Years
of Earth's Climate/, was published last year by Princeton University Press.

Read more at http://www.futurefoundation.org/awards/kba_2009_archer.htm

Congratulations, David!

Michael Foote
Department of the Geophysical Sciences
The University of Chicago
Arthur recently suggested via Twitter that I write up David's work for a mass audience, but it's not necessary, as David has done so himself.

Via Amazon:
If you think global warming is going to stop in its tracks as soon as our fossil fuel fix runs its course, think again. Intensifying hurricanes, mega-droughts, and the mass extinction of species are just the beginning, says leading climatologist David Archer, renowned in part for his work with the respected blog RealClimate. Though we still have time to avert the worst of climate change, he says, the ramifications of our carbon spewing (think a ten-foot rise in ocean levels) will last well beyond even our grandchildren's years. A good storyteller, Archer walks us through the history of climate change, starting in the 1800s, when the term 'greenhouse effect' first made its way into scientific parlance. Tempering techie speak with accessible analogies, Archer manages in the James Hansen-approved volume to speak to scientists and laymen alike. - Plenty

The power of Archer's book is to show that such [climate] changes, which we can bring about through just a few centuries of partying on carbon, can only be matched by the earth itself over vastly longer periods... It's the kind of perspective we need in order to realize how insane we're being. - Chris Mooney.

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