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Monday, September 21, 2009

Press Release - Pacific Garbage Press Conference

California DTSC to Announce Potential Solutions to Ocean Pollution

Contact: Charlotte Fadipe
(916) 956-2838
SAUSALITO, Calif. - The California Department of Toxic Substances
Control (DTSC) will hold a press conference, with Project Kaisei and
other partners on Tuesday, September 22nd to show and discuss results of
the toxic ocean debris brought back from Kaisei's recent four week
journey to the North Pacific Gyre (Garbage patch).

Described as a Tsunami of trash, this garbage patch is threatening our
wildlife, damaging oceans, seafood industries and tourism. Journalists
will be able to hear about exciting solutions to prevent this type of
ocean debris from occurring in the future.

Media will also be able to sail and tour the 151-foot vessel
immediately after the press conference.

DTSC plays a key role in preventing ocean pollution and is working with
scientists and manufactures to find ways to reduce toxics going into the
marine environment. This is a core principle of the California Green
Chemistry Initiative that DTSC is spearheading.

DTSC is partnering with several non-profit organizations (see below) to
fight against ocean pollution and slow the accumulation of plastic waste
and toxic garbage in the ocean environment.

When: Tuesday, Sept 22, 11:00 am
Where: Bay Model Visitor Center and neighboring dock
2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito Ca 94965
Who: Maziar Movassaghi, Acting Director, DTSC
Mary Crowley, Founder, Project Kaisei,
John Fentis, Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Brian Baird , Ocean Protection Council
Linda Hunter, Executive Director, The Watershed Project-
Rob D’Arcy, California Product Stewardship Council

Visuals include:
● Sail and Tour of the Project Kaisei vessel
● Samples of ocean debris brought back from Project Kaisei expedition


Mr X said...

Thanks for posting this. I will "Re-Tweet" it. Paul Jimerson

Hank Roberts said...

Hat tip to the Society of Environmental Journalists (is anyone going to their annual meeting in mid-October?)