"System change is now inevitable. Either because we do something about it, or because we will be hit by climate change. '...

"We need to develop economic models that are fit for purpose. The current economic frameworks, the ones that dominate our governments, these frameworks... the current economic frameworks, the neoclassical, the market frameworks, can deal with small changes. It can tell you the difference, if a sock company puts up the price of socks, what the demand for socks will be. It cannot tell you about the sorts of system level changes we are talking about here. We would not use an understanding of laminar flow in fluid dynamics to understand turbulent flow. So why is it we are using marginal economics, small incremental change economics, to understand system level changes?"

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nice piece on denialist organizations

I haven't come across this Lippard fellow's blog before but he has a very well-done article about climate change denial.


mkggl said...

Thanks for this, Michael. It's a nice list of organizations, people, and their backgrounds.

BTW, the link isn't working. There's a typo in the tag, just after "href".

Happy holidays!

Michael Tobis said...

Thanks, fixed.

Penguindreams said...

James cut his teeth, so to speak, against young earth creationism. He was involved in the work that established how horrible Plimer's book against young earth creationism was. A bit painful, as James didn't like YEC either, but he did feel that attacks on it should be honest and accurate, which Plimer's book was not. Plimer held to the same standards in his recent climate book.