"Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors."

-Jonas Salk

Friday, January 1, 2010

Skeptical Lobsters

The lobster goes on to evaluate emails stolen from an astronomy lab.

Thanks and a tip of the ol' Python-bedecked hat to Anna Ravenscroft.

Update: Another fine story about scientific "skepticism", this one taxonomic:
“I also am a skeptic,” said the second, “but evidently of a more refined sort, for I demand a much higher standard of evidence than you do. I see no irrefutable evidence to back up your assertion that this object before us is even a bird, let alone positively identifying it as a duck.” The journalist raised his eyebrow sagely.

“But what of the feathers?” the first scientist demanded. “Surely you must have noticed the feathers, which are the veritable hallmark, so to speak, of a bird.”

“I have seen nearly identical feathers on a feather duster,” the second replied.
You can guess the journalist's response before reading the rest of the story.


dhogaza said...

Why does your skeptical lobster look just like a crab?

treelobsters said...

It's complicated.

Michael Tobis said...


I see it now.

- DOG?