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-Jonas Salk

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Carrot Eater and CWTF Call for Blog Accountability

Brazenly lifted from comments at Eli's, Carrot Eater says:
On a somewhat similar note, here are some thoughts about holding sceptics accountable, from a new blogger.


I agree with him. A couple minor errors buried in the IPCC report get blown up like crazy in the media, but the clowns make schoolboy errors in their blogs and columns on a daily basis. Other blogs (like this one) sometimes discuss those errors, but they get a free pass from the media. Yet the clowns have a real impact on politics in the US.

It's time for accountability for Watts, etc. If Watts' blog is influential for Republican lawmakers, then it is part of the policy-making environment. So if it's big news that the IPCC report got the sea level % in Netherlands wrong, then its big news that Watts has CO2 snow in Antarctica.
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