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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Action Plan to Further Weaken Earth's Defenses

File under encourage earthlings to confuse facts with opinions.

A comment at the Martian Invasion site Watts Up With That:


1. Remove Silly Billy (done)
2. Get enough people to assert the view on the article that global warming is a political issue and therefore political comment is as valid as “scientific” comment.
3. Having undermined their main defence that only “their” (i.e. the “scientists and underlings who edit wikipedia) views (aka science papers) are allowed, proceed to include a range of diverse views on the issue and make it an interesting read covering the whole subject in depth.

Martians! Your day of victory approaches!



Steve Bloom said...

This was my favorite from the comments there:

The Wikipedia Methane entry

Previous version:

Methane in the atmosphere is a relatively potent greenhouse gas.

Connolley’s change:

Methane is a relatively potent greenhouse gas.

His reason:

(Minor fiddle: ” in the atmosphere” isn’t needed, and is sort-of wrong: its a GHG whereever it is.)

LIQUID methane is a GHG?
FROZEN methane is a GHG?
Methane in water is a GHG?
And of course what is gurgling in my intestines that I want to release in his general direction is CERTAINLY a GHG!

Will someone who actually knows science please correct his scientifically-ignorant errors?

Anonymous said...

Fits right in with Watts calling his Martians to freep yet another poll, this time to earn CA the best Canadian science blog award.

Anonymous said...

By the commenters ye shall know the blogger...

Anonymous said...

WUWT commenters have always been very good at increasing truthiness.

And the comment that Steve reposted was hillarious.

Hank Roberts said...

oh, dear, Haseler does have a lot to say, doesn't he?
His later comments in that Watts thread merit a trollfishing award.

Steve Bloom said...

OT: Interesting new results from a couple of Judy Curry's colleagues:

"Central Pacific El Niño and decadal climate change in the North Pacific Ocean

"Decadal fluctuations of the ocean and atmosphere over the North Pacific Ocean significantly affect the weather and climate of North America and Eurasia. They also cause transitions between different states of marine ecosystems across the Pacific Ocean. An important fraction of North Pacific low-frequency variability is linked to the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation, a climate pattern associated with decadal fluctuations of the ocean circulation. Decadal variations in the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation are characterized by a pattern of sea surface temperature anomalies that resemble the central Pacific El Niño, a dominant mode of interannual variability with far-reaching effects on global climate patterns. Here we use an ensemble of simulations with a coupled ocean–atmosphere model to show that the sea surface temperature anomalies associated with central Pacific El Niño force changes in the extra-tropical atmospheric circulation. These changes in turn drive the decadal fluctuations of the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation. Given that central Pacific El Niño events could become more frequent with increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we infer that the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation may play an increasingly important role in shaping Pacific climate and marine ecosystems in the twenty-first century."

This line of research flies directly in the face of Judy's hand-wavy natural cycles shtick.

Oale said...

unsurprisingly the request to merge politics of GW to the scientific GW article was made, attack on general science articles in wikipedia continues