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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Global Warming Superheroism

So out of the clear blue, I get a Twitter follow from Global Warming Superheroes.

I think I like these guys for a few reasons.

1) Sustainability should be fun. These guys do seem to be at least trying to have fun.

2) The approach is at the very least creative.

3) I like Major Terra's look. The jaunty jacket and T-shirt look. Now where have I seen that before? Especially I like his T-shirt, in particular that he is emblazoned with "MT". That is very cool. (If Major Terra is actually based on me, I have lost a lot of weight in Toon world, and squared up my jaw nicely as well. Plus the hair dye seems to be working very well... Perhaps it's inadvertent, but I'm going to choose to be honored anyway.)

But the troll factor seems pretty high on the conversations. Maybe some of y'all might be convinced to go and pitch in a bit?


David B. Benson said...

Where is Minor Terra?

Vinny Burgoo said...

Climate superheroes are old-hat.

I've just spent a while trying to find out if this latest lot is the same as a Climate Camp-affiliated group that grabbed a bit of EU money (or perhaps it was from the UK Arts Council) about five years ago and, in return, produced a few underexposed snapshots of themselves dressed in home-made costumes in a multistorey car-park. No luck, but I hope it's them. Very slick. Value for money at last.

The search turned up dozens of climate superhero efforts. The best was probably this quirky 2006 EU animation:


Nice. (But what was the zimmer-framed old lady drinking before she turned into a flying tortoise?)

Michael Tobis said...

A lovely animation. Thanks Vinny!

Unknown said...


Thanks for the mention. We're currently fighting off soot trolls the best we can. It's a thankless task, but someone's got to do it.

By the way, we're not funded by EU money or UK Arts Council. The running costs are around $50 per month, but we're OK because Al Gore is coordinating the global fundraising efforts to meet these costs.

Gaia Girl