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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Note In Reader Bug Fix

Update: As of an hour ago, Google has fixed the bug. Text below is altered to reflect that.

The "Note In Reader" bookmarklet for Google Reader is broken as of today was broken today.

In a brazen attempt to attract followers (and show off my chops) I came up with a Reader-Note Bug Patch/

The actual debugging was done by Flavio Gomes but it was something of a puzzle getting it to actually work as a bookmarklet, and I had to change the code slightly.

For those interested, the bookmarklet source looked like this:
<a href="javascript:{_IS_MULTILOGIN_ENABLED=false;
void(b.appendChild(z));}else{}}">Reader-Note Bug Patch</a>
That makes a "bookmarklet" link which you can drag to your bookmarks bar. Since it's not necessary any more I have removed it as a live link, and recommend you go back to standard practice.


Tweetingdonal said...

Why Michael, I had no idea you spoke Web 2.0! Excellent, thanks for the work!

Cid_X said...

Works perfectly. Thank you!

Daniel B. said...

Thanks for this. I use this feature to produce a daily blast at work. It saves me a lot of time and I was so desperate when I noticed it was not working!

manuel moe g said...

Waiting for the Deniers to rush in here to claim that Google Reader works perfectly, or Dickie Tol to complain you are subverting the marketplace by offering this fix for free. ;-)

[Blogger word verification is "condi", to my chagrin.]

skanky said...

"Dickie Tol to complain you are subverting the marketplace by offering this fix for free."

Or more likely, IMHO, accusing mt of added authoritarianism by *forcing* people to use this fix. ;)

Greg said...

Speaking of bugs, what happened to "MT's Shared Items" on the right border panel?

Michael Tobis said...

Greg, it's visible to me, logged in or logged out, on Firefox and Safari.

It would be nice if Google had some status page for current problems. They tend not to be as open as they want everyone else to be...

dhogaza said...

" They tend not to be as open as they want everyone else to be..."

Sounds like Spencer and the non-availability of UAH's satellite data processing software :)

Farmer's City Wife said...

Sir, you're a genius. Thank you.

Greg said...

No Shared Items in Firefox 3.6.14 on WinXP.

It just stopped yesterday or the day before.

When I look at the HTML, there's a "widget HTML" div whose contents are two script tags. Nothing else.

Michael Tobis said...

It went away for me too, now. Looks like a related bug, too.

Michael Tobis said...

Suddenly it's back and improved. ???