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-Jonas Salk

Monday, June 13, 2011

Injecting Sanity

A great swath of the Australian science community is participating in a series of blog outreach pieces on climate science, starting now. Here's the introductory article.

A key quote to whet your appetite:
understandable economic insecurity and fear of radical change have been exploited by ideologues and vested interests to whip up ill-informed, populist rage, and climate scientists have become the punching bag of shock jocks and tabloid scribes.

Aided by a pervasive media culture that often considers peer-reviewed scientific evidence to be in need of “balance” by internet bloggers, this has enabled so-called “sceptics” to find a captive audience while largely escaping scrutiny.

Australians have been exposed to a phony public debate which is not remotely reflected in the scientific literature and community of experts.

Beginning today, The Conversation will bring much-needed and long-overdue accountability to the climate “sceptics.”
The list of signatories is impressive. Thanks and congratulations to all concerned!

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