"It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting our high technology from WEAPONRY to LIVINGRY."
- Buckminster Fuller (h/t Suzy Waldman)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The choice

The anthropocene must be either well-managed or brief.


Florifulgurator said...

Most men, it seems to me, do not care for Nature and would sell their share in all her beauty, as long as they may live, for a stated sum — many for a glass of rum. Thank God, men cannot as yet fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth!

Henry Thoreau, Journal, 3 January 1861

dan said...

"The anthropocene must be either well-managed or brief." Superb. Gonna try and work this into a job covering letter! (With appropriate acknowledgement of course!)