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-Jonas Salk

Friday, May 28, 2010

Future of Climate - Talk Tomorrow in Houston

If you happen to have time and money on your hands in Houston this weekend, you may want to come hear me talk to the Gulf Coast MENSA regional meeting about future climate scenarios. Because of the nature of the audience, I have allowed myself some fairly wild concepts in the talk.

The talk might be of interest at science fiction conferences and the like. If anybody is interested, let me know.

I'll post the slides next week.

The event is called SynRG; it's at

Four Points Sheraton

11065 Katy Freeway

Houston TX, 77024

and I speak at 5 PM on Saturday. (Unfortunately I think they charge a hefty admission fee expecting you to attend the whole weekend event.)


dhogaza said...

That anontech gave a more consistent picture of what's gone on the last two days than any official BP spokesperson, so I think it's probably an accurate report.

In other words, we know they pumped a huge amount of mud through the thing and stopped midnight Wednesday without announcing it. Suspicious minds suspected the amount of pressurization vs. volume of mud wasn't working out.

Then they junk-shotted it, which isn't expected to full block the leakage but rather to reduce it so less mud makes more pressure countering the well pressure.

Following this, more mud, and now a halt, and the anontech saying something consistent with this grim picture:

"I don't know if we can round up enough mud".

In other words, BP's not lying when they tell the CG admiral that they're able to build enough pressure to get some mud down the hole.

Obviously they succeeded in this, otherwise it would not have spewed mud for hours after they quit pumping (i.e. mud, oil, and gas were pushed up the hole and through the riser leaks rather than just oil and gas).

But they're not being straight because the problem is that it's just taking too much bleeping mud due to the amount of leakage.

That's what I get out of this, anyway. Speculation with some foundation in stuff said over at the oil drum.

Anonymous said...

"..Thus, the questions that all Americans should be asking their president isn’t whether he’s plugged the leak yet. It’s, “Why did you believe Big Oil and its right-wing allies?”

A good question. Why do they? Perhaps because they don't want to know. Don't ask, don't tell.