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-Jonas Salk

Saturday, January 15, 2011

rust reveals

I was trying to identify the pillars of denialism. rust got at the foundation, "truthiness"


Anonymous said...

"Sorry, Videos are not available in your country" it says (with the strange capital 'V' after the comma). I'm in the UK.

I've seen this word "truthiness" banded around. Could you give a summary of what it's used to mean?

Nick Dearth said...

ed-davies, try this

Michael Tobis said...

Colbert's closing line is better than the whole Wikipedia article. "I'm not going to tell the truth to you, I'm going to feel the truth at you."

Anonymous said...

Thanks both. Yes, MT's quote sums it up nicely though you have to understand what the Colbert Report is all about (parody of Fox, etc) which I'd previously surmised but wasn't sure about and which the Wikipedia article clarified nicely.

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