"It is the unhappy fate of the scientist today that he must play the role of Cassandra in the body politic, sending his fellow men to bed with nightmares in the hope to be heard in time."

- Arthur von Hippel, in "The Molecular Designing of Materials" (h/t @upbeatprof)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Best Science Blog Articles of '07

I'm sorry I missed the science bloggers' conference and I hope to make it next year. It sounds like a lot of interesting stuff went on.

In particular there was an articles of the year contest, and Coturnix has links to all the winners.

Highly Allocthonous, who is going to get added to my ever-more-unwieldy blogroll (I promise never to have one of those two hundred link lists, honest) has a wonderful article entitled Testability in Earth Science that applies to us geofluid folks as well as to the rockers.

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