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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Creationism Stealth Campaign in TX

The following is quoted verbatim from DailyKos:

Boy am I hoping that Republican Pat Hardy wins her primary for the District 11 seat on the Texas State Board of Education. All I know about Pat Hardy is this:

Ms. Hardy is no free-thinking liberal. She's a rock-solid Republican and dyed-in-the-wool Southern Baptist who firmly believes God is behind all of creation.

But she also believes in teaching evolution in science classes. Her opponent, Dr. Barney Maddox describes evolution as

"a myth" and "a fairy tale."

Why is this race so crucial? Well, right now seven of the fifteen members of the State Board of Education favor introducing some form of intelligent design creationism into Texas science classes. If Maddox wins, they gain the majority.

Update: Frederick Clarkson has more here.

Here's an AP story from Feb. 23. Haven't turned up any local coverage. I don't know anyone in the vast district, which stretches out from day trip country near Austin all the way out to the New Mexico desert. I can't believe this is getting so little notice in Austin (and presumably College Station). I don't think this will do wonders for faculty recruitment. Aargh.

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