"Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors."

-Jonas Salk

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is "Climate Change" Everything?

Via the Guardian, some peculiar editorial cartoons about sustainability here. I have pasted in my favorite, since it ties into many of my themes. Some of them are worth thinking about.

However, the headline is most peculiar: "Cartoons make climate change a laughing matter".

The complaints we hear about "global warming" superceding everything else may make some sense at least as a criticism of the press in the UK. Really, the way the cartoonists responded to the challenge of "climate cartoons" makes little sense.

Most of them were not about 'climate change' at all but simply about the total appropriation of the biosphere to economic activity. I would call it the 'sustainability' issue, but there is a theme running through these cartoons that is a bit darker, more visceral. These are "end of nature" comments. It's most peculiar calling them 'climate change'; only two of them seemed related to climate at all, #13 and the remarkable #9.

Also, most of them were far more gloomy than funny. "Cartoons make something other than climate change something other than a laughing matter", then, but go look for yourself. They are interesting.

Update: Some rather funnier cartoons via ICE.

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