"Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors."

-Jonas Salk

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Party's Over

Eliza Gilkyson again:
the party’s over, we had us a time
everybody got loaded, everybody looked fine
we emptied the coffers of water and wine
the party’s over
we had a good time

we danced on the tables midnight til dawn
'til all the time was up and the good stuff gone

the house is a shambles, broken glass in the streets
guttering candles, blood on the sheets
we burned all the kindling, passed the bottle around
watched the last coals dwindling
and the ice melting down

the party’s over, we had a blast
brought in the lawyers to cover our ass
left a note for the children to clean up the mess
the party’s over
it was a big success!


Anonymous said...

And Michael, if you live another 25 or 30 years, or even 50- it wouldn't be unusual, and certainly not by that time:

What if we get there and things are essentially the same. Or the general trends that Goklany point out continue, with no apocalypse, and what if, heaven forbid, the tmeperature is the same, or drops, or the whole thing seems to have blown over.

What poetry will you write, or quote? Who will ever say they are sorry? Who will ever be blamed? Everyone will still be saints because of their good intentions, because they *cared*.

We know the oil barons and the politicians who will be crucified by history if you are right. But Rachel Carson, Paul Erlich, and the "Romers" all essentially took a free pass. Carosn should have been tried for genocide and extradited.

Michael Tobis said...

Steven, please get a clue. You are reading and trusting untrustworthy sources. Deltoid has some good analysis about the Rachel Carson pseudo-controversy, especially this article:
Taking aim at Rachel Carson
. Short version: it's a crock.

The Club of Rome predictions are roughly on schedule, so I can't imagine what you are going on about there either.

Yes, there are overblown warnings. I have fought greenies on some nonsensical claims myself on occasion. I'm not saying it doesn;t happen. I have seen it.

But I'm not one of those greenies.

Nor is the AAAS, the AGU, the AMS, the NAS, and yes, the APS a green front. If the scenario you describe occurs (no action, no consequences) a whole lot of science will have to be thrown out.