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Monday, June 14, 2010

More Flooding in Neighboring States

About 9" of rain has fallen in parts of the great sprawl of Oklahoma City OK so far today, causing flash flooding and extensive damage.

Heavy rains continue in Oklahoma and into Kansas. This is about 150 miles due west of the recent Arkansas flash flooding tragedy, in a much more populated area. However the landscape is flatter, so the intensity of the flows is less. Nevertheless, the storm track is following the major population corridor in the state, from Oklahoma City through Tulsa, and financial damage may be severe.

First map shows rainfall radar echoes at this moment (midafternoon Monday); second shows cumulative rainfall to date. The bullseye (again) is about 9 inches. Click on images for detail.

Meanwhile, everyone caught in the flash flood at the Albert Pike Recreation Area in Arkansas is now accounted for. The fatality count stands at 20 souls.

Update: Flash flooding seems to be plaguing the middle latitudes; a similar event occurred today in France on the Cote d'Azur. h/t @Revkin

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Steve Scolnik said...

Many of the same areas are getting hit again this evening, and Oklahoma City has unofficially smashed its all-time (120 years) June daily precipitation record with the rain still coming down at 10:30.