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-Jonas Salk

Saturday, July 17, 2010

DC Media Event

There's been some enthusiasm on some activist lists about this "ice sculpture" event. I wonder what my readers think of it.


Scruffy Dan said...

It's Closer to the truth than Inhofe's igloo stunt, but just as pointless IMO.

I would hope that people are convinced by something more substantial than a ice sculpture melting in the summer heat

Steve Bloom said...

It's fine as a one-off challenge to the media that covered Inhofe's stunt.

Michael Tobis said...

Since the coverage didn't mention Inhofe, it doesn't achieve that purpose in the minds of the audience.

I eventually picked up the reference but only ebcause I've been thinking about it. The viewer doesn't remember Inhofe's igloo. Only climate obsessives like us remember Inhofe's igloo. We don't matter for PR purposes.

I thought it was terribly unconvincing, myself: 1) the tiny turnout 2) the silly ice sculpture vs kids having fun in an igloo 3) the kid going on about global warming as it were a jobs program. I bet the word "lame" crossed ten million lips with that report.

Do you think really Inhofe's guys are trembling with rage? I think they're rolling on the floor laughing.

If these are the guys giving the scientifc community PR advice, no thanks. I'll take the A team please.

hengist mcstone said...

I agree that the kid going on about green energy jobs trivialised it. But the basic idea of an ice sculpture on the White House lawn is good imho. AGW is a difficult message to get across to the public, getting it across in a political context has not happened in 22 years. Lame is a word I reserve for people dressed as polar bears. The AGW story is imo the biggest news story of the 21st century, but at the moment it's a cover-up. A pro-AGW stunt that is imaginative enough to get inside the DC beltway with a film crew from CNN , gets a plaudit from me.

Unknown said...

Without bothering to read the link and whatever nonsense it contains, it seems that the ice sculpture is a perfect metaphor for the whole AGW movement. Very silly, and melting away rapidly under the full glare of public scrutiny.

dhogaza said...

The tiny turnout is a dead giveaway that these people are amateurs, unskilled ones at that.

Don't hold a media event on the mall if there are fewer of you than there are in a typical tour group ...

Neven said...

They should have built a small house made of straw, pout a sign on it saying 'Inhofe Residence' and then set fire to it.

And then Morano could spin that into 'AGW alarmists want to shut down debate by burning down houses of dissenters!'