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Monday, July 12, 2010

WSJ Letter-Writing Campaign

Via email:
Last week, a third independent investigation exonerated the climate scientists whose emails were hacked last fall -- finding the attacks lacked foundation. That's right: Three full, independent reviews have found no wrongdoing on the part of the scientists -- and most importantly, affirmed the scientific evidence of climate change.

So you might think that any reputable media outlet would feel compelled to set the record straight. But you'd be wrong.

In particular, the Wall Street Journal has published more than 30 editorials and op-eds on climate change since November of 2009. All took the stance that climate science was unreliable, dishonest or questionable -- or minimally unimportant. And unbelievably, just today, the Journal published another op-ed about the reviews, calling them a "whitewash" by "global warming alarmists."

Send a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page demanding that they set the record straight on climate change science.

It's vital that we receive balanced coverage from all of the media, and the Journal's actions matter. As Congress works to craft comprehensive policies to address our energy and climate crises, public understanding of this issue is more important than ever before.

A news outlet like the Wall Street Journal relies on its reputation as a balanced, unbiased news source. With your help, we can convince the Journal editorial page to give equal space to the fact that climate scientists have been exonerated and their findings remain affirmed.

Demand that the Wall Street Journal cover the facts about climate science.

Few news outlets in the U.S. are as well regarded and widely read among opinion makers and politicians as the Wall Street Journal. It has a responsibility to its readers and the American public to be fair and accurate on one of the most important issues of our time.

Balanced media coverage today won't give back the precious time we've lost defending scientific facts that should not have been in question. But perhaps it will remind our media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, of their responsibility to the American people.

Thank you,

Maggie L. Fox
President and CEO
Alliance for Climate Protection


Vinny Burgoo said...

I demand that the Wall Street Journal cover[s] the facts about climate science.

(Is that OK? I couldn't make the demand in the requested manner because The Alliance For Climate Protection doesn't recognize the existence of the world outside the USA.)

Deech56 said...

Although the news pages have done a decent job with the science, the editorial pages have always been a bastion of right-wing thought. The chance of them publishing any mainstream science is about the same as a snowball's chance in Maryland last week.

Unknown said...

Send a copy to Rupert Murdoch as well - he's the boss.

Michael Tobis said...

Got a mailing address for the man? Do tell.